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The market for commercial environmental technology is in a state of change. Increasingly, the maintenance overhead for environmental systems and for environmental protection measures is being farmed out entirely to service companies specialising in this field who offer fixed cost rates. These changes are still in their initial stages. BFS KG recognised this evolving situation and made changes to offer its services accordingly.

BFS KG offers operators of biofilter and biowasher systems competent support in the operation and maintenance of these systems as well as assistance with plans that may have to be revised, with preliminary investigations and with the execution of pilot experiments.

BFS KG deliberately concentrates its efforts in the niche market for biological exhaust air cleansing because many different manufacturers once delivered systems for this market who have since left the market again; thus frequently leaving operators without any support, expansion planning capabilities, maintenance services or even replacement filter materials.

By supplying replacement filter materials as well as other necessary equipment parts, BFS KG primarily has the operator's economic utilisation in mind. As a component of integrated environmental protection measures, biological exhaust air cleansing in process combinations should provide the operating company with a noticeable economic advantage

In the field of exhaust air cleansing, the customer is offered a spectrum of services ranging from analysis of the equipment situation through project planning of necessary measures for upgrading or retrofitting right up to the re-commissioning of equipment – and all of this from a single source.



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