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We specialise in the evaluation and treatment of biological filters and biological washers. This also includes inspections and, if desired, the maintenance of equipment such as washer and fan.

If the results of inspections and evaluations indicate an unavoidable change of biofilter material, special cleaning work in a washer or the replacement of fill-bodies or other inserts; we can make preparations for these tasks or, if desired, also perform the work.


Costumized solutions and cost efficiency

BFS KG does not offer standard solutions from the rack, but rather individual solutions which are tailor-made to the customer. The first step in this direction is therefore an analysis of the situation which will form the foundation for a cost-effective solution. This is the basis for developing a concept of measures to be taken, subject to a given cost schedule.

At the request of the customer, the contract and project execution can be performed by BFS KG

Major corporations also work up their own solutions for plant environmental protection and emission control according to these described individual steps: state analysis, creation of a concept, layout and detail planning then project execution. Small and mid-sized companies often do not have the in-house capabilities for this approach and look for outside assistance.

Individual customerservice

Once re-commissioning has been accomplished, BFS KG also offers to operate the system as a complete-service. In contrast to maintenance contracts offered by system suppliers in any number of variations, this complete-service is not limited to occasional functional inspections at semi-annual intervals but includes ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the system. Of course BFS KG is also willing to accommodate individual customer requests to limit a concept to conventional state-of-the-art systems and maintenance contracts instead of the complete-service.

Inspection and counselling

Essential inspections are performed on-site to assess just which measures are necessary. Above all these include:

For a biofilter: a biological activity assessment, a pH value test of the material, an evaluation of material moisture and assessment of the material's composition with respect to its structure and uniform permeability.

A biowasher is subjected to an analysis of wash water for: BOD/COD, ammonia/phosphate concentration, nitrite/nitrate, solids content, and an assessment of biological activity in the wash water.


Performing necessary corrective action

The extent of corrective actions deemed necessary by inspection results are agreed upon with you, the customer, then carried out directly or initiated.



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